The different colors of the FlangeLock™ Tool designate the size of the tool. You can use this chart to check which colors indicate which size.

In order to tell the size of your flange, measure the diameter of your flange and use this chart to determine its size.

To find the right o-ring for your flange you can use this chart.

Yes, the o-rings for Code 61 and 62 are the interchangeable between flanges of the same size.

3000 psi flanges correspond to Code 61 flanges, 6000 psi flanges correspond to Code 62 flanges. You can use the FlangeLock™ Tool that works for your size flange and the appropriate code.

No, the FlangeLock™ Tool is designed to handle thermal expansion but not system pressure.

We ship our FlangeLock™ Tools through UPS, but will ship on other carriers through the customer’s account.