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About The FlangeLock™ Tool

The FlangeLock™ Tool is the ultimate contamination control tool for protecting your hydraulic systems. It allows for the simple sealing of open SAE code 61, 62 & CAT-Style hydraulic flanges without tools. Constructed from lightweight aluminum. Easy on, easy off. Offers a leakproof solution to hydraulic system and environmental cleanliness. FlangeLock™ Tools stop the mess!


How it Works

The FlangeLock™ Tool is an easy-to-use cap that slides over the flange and is sealed with one turn of the bottom plug, keeping oil in and contaminants out.

Watch the video for a demonstration!

Industries We Serve

Our FlangeLock™ Tool is used by many industries!





The FlangeLock™ Tool in Action

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Have a Purchase Order?
Please email to sales@flangelock.com or fax to 203-622-1238


  • Dennis (OK)
    I now carry the full set in my truck at all times. It came in a hard case that protects and organizes the Flagelocks so I don't have to hunt for them in a bag of tools. They are definitely worth every penny.
  • Jamie (FL)
    "We have two or three sets of Flangelock. Our mechanics use them all the time in the shop and the field. They are very convenient to use on any hydraulic lines and especially minimize the amount of clean up needed compared to the old way we used to do things. I highly recommend them anytime I get an opportunity."
  • Ken (TX)
    "Goodbye dirty rags! We have always just stuffed a rag in the open flange and dealt with any mess after we were done with the job. Flangelock ended that. This product has almost eliminated cleanup for us. Love it!"
  • Louis (NY)
    "FlangeLock tools have been a solution to the challenge of dealing with hydraulic connections. They minimize the chance of costly spills and contamination to hydraulic systems. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND FLANGELOCK TOOLS"